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Wherever I am, I try to see things - really see things - and feel the emotion and energy of what I am seeing.  I like to mess around with camera equipment and computer software.  Oh, and I like to get muddy, teeter precariously on ladders, get bit by bugs, get honked at and yelled at, and freeze outdoors before dawn.  (Guess which of these is true!)  Digital photography lets me combine all of this and communicate the result to myself and others.

I retired from the corporate world in 2013 so that I could spend more time seeing, feeling, messing around and communicating.  And the mud ... well that's just a bonus!

You can see examples of my photography on this site, and on Instagram: @sheilaOphoto.  For some of the thoughts behind my images, visit or follow my blog:  A Year in Providence.  

I'd love to hear from you, and you can reach me using the Contact form on this web site, or by emailing me directly at sheila.s.oconnell@gmail.com,

Thank you for visiting!  

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